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Communion, Jesus' Proposal to You

Have you seen the movie The Nativity Story? I recently watched it this Christmas season. There is a scene in the movie that depicts the betrothal ceremony between Joseph, Mary, and Mary's parents.


In ancient times, a Jewish marriage began by two separate ceremonies that took place at two separate times: the betrothal/engagement and the wedding. First the parents and the groom would come to an agreement and actually a price, because the groom would have to pay a dowry for the bride. Then the groom would propose to the bride. The parents had to decide and approve, but ultimately the bride would have to agree to marry this man.


He would offer her a cup by holding it up in his right hand and if she agreed she would drink from it. They would both drink from the cup, legally sealing the commitment. From that day forward they were husband and wife. They didn't live together yet, or come together physically but it was just as legally binding as an actual marriage and could only be broken by a divorce. That is why the Bible says when Joseph found Mary was pregnant he decided to "divorce her quietly", even though he could have had her stoned.


After they have sealed the betrothal by drinking from the cup, the groom goes to prepare a home for the bride, which was also shown in the movie. Joseph and Mary drink of the cup together and the father says "Now he is your husband in every way, except that which leads to family", because they were not yet to be together physically. At this point the bride is set apart for her groom and she is committed only to him.


This is a picture of communion and of our relationship with The Lord. Jesus paid the price for us so that He can be with us for all eternity. He paid the cost with His priceless blood. He has gone to prepare a place for us in heaven so that we can be together and our relationship can be complete. While here on this earth, we enter into the sacred covenant with Him and we are set apart for Him.


Jesus says in Luke 22:18 that He will not drink of the fruit of the vine again until is fulfilled in the kingdom of God. Someday we will be united with Him in heaven, when either He comes back for us or when we die. Just as the groom goes away to prepare the home before the bride and groom marry, Jesus has gone away to prepare a place for you. Here on earth we can be united with Him in soul and spirit but then we will be united with Him body, soul and spirit when we receive our heavenly bodies. Right now we can't see Him visibly but one day we will be with Him face to face. We will have that wedding celebration with Him in heaven. We will have that Passover feast with Him and our relationship will be complete. We will finally be united with Him face to face!


In Luke 22:20 Jesus says this is "the new covenant in my blood." The new covenant is sealed in His blood. It is permanent, forever. The old covenant was the law, rules and regulations, but the new covenant is His finished work on the cross (John 19:30). Jesus passionately desires a deep relationship with you (Luke 22:15). Do you accept His proposal?


Let the reality of His love fill your mind and heart. Let His love be personal and real to you. Let Him into the secret and hidden places of your heart. Let go of your burden and depend on His finished work on the cross and not what you do. Let everything else go and place your faith and hope in Him alone.


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