Peacemaker Family

Dear Peacemaker Family, 

Thank you for your faithful prayer and support. I am so grateful. Last night, Thursday, February 20th, I had the honor to give the invocation (opening prayer) for our Mayor's final State of the City Address. 

After all the excitement of the State of the City address at the San Jose Convention Center, I came home tired but very happy. I walked through my front door to see my two youngest children, ages three and four, sleeping peacefully on the couch. Just then I received a familiar but still heart wrenching phone call. I was called to the hospital for a young man that had been shot. I walked right back out the door I had just walked in, still in my suit, but now with a heavy heart. I was there to pray and support the mother, father, and younger siblings as they received the death notification. 

Due to the circumstances of this death, the family will probably not receive any financial assistance from Victim Witness. They will have to cover the huge expense of burying their child. That is where we come in, peacemakers. 

We must continue to take an active role in our community and pray against the violence in San Jose. Despite the sad news last night we must be confident in the hope of Christ. We are still seeing great victory. 

Peacemakers, please continue to pray for the night gyms and leadership school programs where The City Peace Project works with over 100 gang members weekly! We are daily sharing God's love and the gospel of peace and we have seen dramatic results. Two of our high school seniors have been accepted to Chico State University. 

A few of our goals for 2014: 

Funeral assistance funds 

College Tuition funds, for at risk youth 

Food and outreach funds 

We will soon be sending out a more detailed plan for 2014 and information on this year's Beautiful Day Neighborhood Cleanup Project. May the Lord bless and keep you. 

In Christ, Danny Sanchez