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The Heart Behind The City Peace Project


“We’ve recognized that we are witnessing a generation of exceptionally bright youth who are gripped with a desire to live out purposeful, influential lives. The youth of this day and age have proven to value making an impact over simply “making a living.” 

Yet, we must confront the reality that a massive pocket of adolescents face legitimate obstacles to achieving their ambitions. We have made it our responsibility to step into their world and equip youth with wisdom and strategy to flourish in spite of hardship. 

The City Peace Project exists as a catalyst that empowers youth to thrive in every sphere of life. Through personal mentorship, TCPP promotes life altering values and skills that equip students to cultivate lives marked by love and peace. 



The City Peace Project believes that education is a crucial component to the future flourishing of students. We aim to inspire young people to pursue knowledge by creating a safe environment where they can seek help freely. The goal is for students to perceive their academics as a valuable time to prepare for future endeavors


The City Peace Project cultivates eye opening experiences that expose students to the countless opportunities available in life, allowing them to look past the limitations of their current circumstances. By creating opportunities for young people to engage with various spheres of life we have witnessed that every experience holds the potential to spark a passion that could significantly impact a student’s life


The City Peace Project believes in developing relationships with students and intentionally calling out their potential. Every student possesses unique dreams and our desire is to personally equip students with the correct mindset to view their dreams as worthy and achievable pursuits. 


Americans like you help carry this tradition forward by reaching for new ideas that will help our country win the future. You and your fellow champions embody the change you want to see in the world.

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A Helping Hand

Our Mission is to step into the lives of gang-impacted youth, families, and communities to provide education, awareness, and support, walking with them toward a brighter future. The City Peace Project also assists families in times of crisis and loss with funeral expenses and other needs.


We're always looking for compassionate individuals or companies to donate their time to plant a seed in a community that can lead to growth.